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Instant Attraction

The classic starter day for learning to use these versatile, iridescent fibres

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1 day
Materials and techniques
Heat fusible fibres, non-bondable fibres, various manipulation techniques
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Skill Level
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None required
Explore and create samples

A full on, busy day exploiting as many of the properties of these heat fusible fibres as we can fit in! You will spend the class experimenting and discovering the wide range of surfaces and effects possible with these versatile, iridescent fibres.
Complete a wide range of samples showing the many applications of these lustrous and iridescent fibres.
Angelina fibre has a supersoft handle, much like cashmere, but has been produced in such a way that even just a little added to a fibre mix will result in a sparkling effect. Angelina Fibres can be spun, woven, layered, trapped, bonded etc. Its applications in textile art, embroidery, papermaking, papier mache, modelling, card and candle- making etc. are endless!
The iridescent polyester fibres of ‘Hot Fix’ Angelina bond to themselves at relatively low temperatures to produce a non-woven type of fabric. There is also a range of ‘Standard’ fibres available which will not fuse at the low temperatures which can be achieved in our workrooms, but which have interesting uses non-the-less.

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