Heated Affairs

Create surfaces and textures using heat, soldering, burning techniques with Angelina fibre.

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1 or 2 days
Materials and techniques
Heat fusible fibres, heat manipulation techniques including irons, soldering irons and candles.
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Skill Level
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Basic hand sewing skills
Explore and create a project

Exploit the textured surfaces which can be developed by fusing and melting the Angelina fabric.
Really go for it with bright, lustrous, over the top combinations of Angelina fibre, wires, beads, soldering, burning, hand and machine stitch to develop a wild embroidery by layering and stitching.
Once you have tested and sampled, you can decide which of the ideas to try and choose which colours you are going to work in. Then build a range of pieces which we can combine to make a wild, over the top Angelina artwork!