Falling in Love Again

Stitch, print, manipulate and revive old textile treasures.

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2 to 5 days
Materials and techniques
Fabrics, paints, threads, hand stitch
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Skill Level
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Hand stitching and basic machine stitching
Explore and create a project

Everyone has a napkin, or a button box or remnants of lace in a draw that belongs to a different era. These are things we hold onto with special memories, though what we hold onto and why can be a mystery. It’s time to repurpose those textile pieces and make them into an artwork which you are proud to put on show and that fits into your home as it is today. Revive your family stories, reconnect with your history by renewing loved but worn or unfashionable textile treasures. The workshop involves textile printing, hand stitching and embellishing. Learn the meditative process of slow-stitching, a new perspective and an introduction to contemporary art textiles. Come along with old napkins, table cloths, garments, lace and scraps, buttons, badges, costume jewellery etc. Things that hold special memories are ideal. We will also supply some vintage napkins and fabrics that can be used for the workshop if you have none of your own or want to try out ideas before using your originals.