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Hot, Wet and Sticky

Super sexy surfaces for your textile art.

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2 - 4 days
Materials and techniques
Paper, fibres, gilding, threads, hand and/or machine stitching.
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Skill Level
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Some hand stitch experience.
Explore, sample and create

A mixed media and hand stitch delight using paper waxing, gilding and fibre felts. We will explore the possibilities of using our stashes of recycled, handmade or painted papers along with hot wax to create textures, antiqued surfaces; we will create fibre felts from linen and silk fibres and we will gild using fine metal leaf. Brought together with some inspiration from nature, from African textiles and jewellery or other inspirations, you will create unique, textured, fabulous surfaces including simple, bold hand and/or machine stitching .
All of the techniques used can be taken further in your own time.

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