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Why I love facilitating creative workshops:

My experimental and curious nature  leads to continuously evolving, changing works which investigate new dimensions in textiles and materials. I offer a wide variety of courses which inspire you to unlock personal creativity.

I work primarily in copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel in the form of shim and woven metal, combined with a variety of fabrics, paints and threads. Surfaces are often altered by burnishing, texturing, printing, patterning and patinating.   I offer you the chance to experiment with design development methods enabling you to extend your artistic investigations.

One of the joys of visiting groups and events is that I get to meet YOU,  with your fascinating backgrounds and life stories, you are amazing, expert, thoughtful and inspiring.
I am so very thankful for this part of my life, it gives me great joy.
Thank you to everyone whose efforts make these events happen. Without massive energy and commitment in the background these workshops and events would not take place. 


A bit about my background and work:

I am a New Zealand based artist with a northern European heritage. 

My techniques are based on fibres, textiles and stitch, though following no specific traditional paths. These result in the creation of wall based, sculptural forms, wearable forms for indoors and out.

My practice is an invitation to create pleasurably intimate connections to your personal experiences through subconscious and visceral emotive interactions and is marked by a complex lyrical fluidity.

Curiosity about the human psyche; movement; form; social stereotypes around the place of textiles and stitch; coastal and marine environments and organisms; and sometimes particle physics drive the generation of my work.

Many of my works are composed of evocative forms and figures incorporated into surfaces articulated with complex, undulating, knotted and interwoven designs. Patterns and figures in the works, along with the working of a mostly unconscious human ancestral memory, form a mosaic, swaying in the tides of unseen forces.

My developments and techniques result in a happy invention of form and conceptualization which conspire in the completed works to deliver a contemplative narrative.

To see more of my work, go to Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

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