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Doodle to Design

Simple technique, stunning design results

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2 to 4 days
Materials and techniques
Drawing and design technique, paper and drawing media, print media and techniques, paper and fabric.
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Skill Level
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None required
Explore, sample and create

Learn a simple technique with stunning design results.
Who hasn’t doodled? We have all created patterns and lines in an un-self-conscious way whilst thinking about something else. We will develop this idea through improvised grids, engaging and enjoyable mark-making and observation drawing of details. The patterns and designs we make in this way will be developed into designs for you to use. We will explore how these can be developed into your own textile and paper artworks with collage and stitch techniques. We will discover how to make and use our own print blocks and use a variety of printing techniques on paper and fabric, how to use bonding, layering and burning techniques with fabrics with hand and/or machine stitching and added embellishments such as beads and cords. Your outcomes will be unique to the path you follow on the course and be useful for many creative directions. The course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn or improve skills in simple, effective design methods.
You are free to decide whether you use hand stitching or machine stitching or both during the course. I will guide you if you want to learn or improve your machine sewing skills as part of the course.

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