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The Space Between

Developing freely interpreted repeat patterns.

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4 to 6 days
Materials and techniques
Drawing, design, papers, drawing media, wires, metal fabrics use and manipulation techniques, machine and hand stitch.
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Skill Level
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Hand and machine stitch
Explore, sample and create

We will develop patterns derived from the gaps between spaces created by repeating and reversing our original forms. You will also explore a variety of materials and techniques to express your work including metal fabrics, wires, papers and stitch. I particularly like the use of metal cloth because it results in a work which is translucent and seems ephemeral and delicate, these metal cloths also have intriguing structural and dimensional properties which we can exploit by using heat, and print techniques. We will explore these alongside paper and fabric alternatives. Bringing together the materials and your designs is when you will build a layered and intensively worked piece.
One of my pieces using this technique won the Bernina Award for the most innovative use of a sewing machine, the highest award at ‘Changing Threads’ (New Zealand’s premiere contemporary textile art exhibition).
This course assumes that you are happy to use free machine stitch in addition to hand work, but does not require any prior design or drawing skills.

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