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Stay focused

Developing designs with a focus

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Urban Life
Materials and techniques
Paper, fabric, colouring media, threads, embellishments, machine and/or hand stitch, design elements
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Skill Level
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None required
Explore and create a project

No, it’s not your eyWhen you look at a flower or other detailed, macro imagesight going, parts of your design for this piece really will be out of focus!

When you examine an object in detail, our eyes and mind are drawn to only some aspects of it, perhaps the stamens at the centre of the flower, or the markings on the leaves, or the texture of a seedhead etc. When you take a photograph of this, the detailed focus in areas of the scene which your mind has taken is lost.

We will take an image of a flower or flowers and by painting our fabric background in a soft focus, blurred style, then by adding pertinent details in a combination of hand and/or machine stitch we will draw the viewers attention to only those details which attracted you to the image to start with. This workshop can be adapted for machine and/or handstitch.

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