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Metal and Fibre Vessel

Create a scuptural, mixed media vessel.

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3 to 5 days
Materials and techniques
Metals, metal fabric, fibres, fabrics, metal manipulation and colouring techniques, machine stitch, hand stitch.
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Skill Level
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Basic hand and machine stitch
Create a project

Create a subtle and elegant sculptural vessel from explorations of a variety of coloured and patterned surfaces all relating to a natural form. This might be a curled fern frond, geological strata, tree bark or another natural form you are interested in. We will create separate panels in various techniques each taking an aspect of your inspiration. Depending on time available these aspects will include: Rough textures with metal cloth and Lutradur; woven textures of metal and wire; reverse applique over metal; image transfer techniques; soluble film techniques or more. These rich, varied and highly patterned panels give you a great chance to learn how to utilise metals and metal cloths in your work and then show them to best advantage as a simply constructed vessel.
The course assumes you will use your sewing machine, however techniques can be adjusted to cater for hand stitching only.

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