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Hanging Pods

Needlefelting, metal, beads and stitch ...

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1 to 3 days
Materials and techniques
Felt, fabrics, knitted wire fabric, beads, ribbons, needlefelting/use of embellisher, stitching, embellishments
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Skill Level
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Basic hand stitch
Create a project

This simple but attractive project is inspired by hanging pomanders, Christingles, fruits and seedpods hanging from trees.
You will make needle felted, embellished or stitched surfaces including subtle glints of metal foil and knitted metals then complete with flourishes of stitch and beads. Use textures and colours to create sumptuous surfaces and develop baubles and padded shapes, linking them with a ribbon and hang your project for everyone to see. This course can be designed for hand stitch only, or a combination of hand stitch and machine stitch. The use of an 'Embellisher' is also a good idea though not essential.

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